1966 Honda S600


Honda’s first “mass marketed” car was the S600, coming in two different styles: a convertible and a fastback coupe. During the three-year production from 1964 to 1966, changes were slight. Minor body restyling and a few perks were added along the way, but nothing major.┬áRight hand steering was available first, but soon after they created a left hand steering model for the export market.
With more than one carburetor, the car was considered a “Sports” model. The initial design (S360) had limited power, despite having four carburetors, and was replaced with the S500. The S500 had 531cc, which was not enough, so the S600 was its replacement with 606cc.
The S600 had a 4-speed transmission four-wheel independent suspension, and was very light, weighing in at 1,576 pounds. This allowed the driver to get up to 90 mph. 13,000 roadsters and coupes were built over the life span of the S600. This vehicle was such a hit, and was the first to really put Honda on the auto-making map.