1969 Honda N600


The N600 was introduced in 1969 and was the very first Honda automobile imported to the US. The “N” stands for the Japanese word “noromino,” which means “vehicle” in English. This was to separate Honda’s cars from their motorcycles.

The N600 was fitted with 401 cc and 598 cc engines, which were much larger than the engine of its predecessor, the Honda N360. Because of the larger engine size in these vehicles and the government regulations in Japan regarding kei cars, they were intended for international sales where they could reach higher speeds.

In addition to being the first Honda automobile to arrive in the US, it was also the first Honda to be assembled outside of Japan, with production moving to Taiwan in 1969. The United States stopped selling the N600 in 1972 to make way for the newer and more practical Honda Civic, which was better suited for the American Interstate highway network.