1978 Toyota Pickup


The Toyota Pickup, sold in global markets under the Hilux nameplate, is a series of compact pickup trucks. The style has a reputation – the Hilux is said to be “The Indestructible Truck.” It is known for its sturdiness and reliability, even with heavy use or abuse. In fact, a modified version of the Toyota Hilux was the first 4×4 vehicle to reach the South Pole.

By 1978 in North America, the Toyota Hilux had dropped its name in favor of “Truck.” There was a large redesign in 1975, increasing both size and standard equipment. This change included a larger engine and a SR5 (Sport Rally 5-Speed) trim package. Also at this time, the 5-speed manual transmission became optional.

In 1984, the camper version of the Hilux was renamed to 4Runner, which is now a full size SUV. In 1995, Toyota introduced the Tacoma, which discontinued the Hilux/Pickup in North America.

The Toyota Hilux is still available worldwide with the exception of Japan, US, Canada, North Korea, and South Korea.