1982 Honda CBX

From the Collection of Dave Mungenast, Sr.

Six cylinders. 24 valves. Six carburetors. The Honda CBX was legendary and memorable as Honda’s first production six cylinder road bike. The CBX gets up to 135 mph and is only 606 lbs, but still keeps a conventional stature: straight handlebars, twin rear shocks, and a tubular frame. It’s a cross between a full-touring bike and a rugged sports rider, which brings the best of both worlds: comfort and sport. At the time, it was the most advanced competitive superbike of its kind. Although a bit bulky for a sport style bike, the engine is only wide at the top. The alternator and ignition items are behind the cylinder block which moved important items out of the way just in case of a crash. This particular motorcycle came from the personal collection of Dave Mungenast, Sr.