Dave Mungenast Sr

Who Started Thiswho_started

Growing up in South St. Louis, Dave Mungenast, Sr. had lots of interests; the outdoors, horses, hunting, a trap line, (he really was a fur trapper) and since this was the 50’s and 60’s, a real love of all things mechanical. He had a natural talent for using and working on cars and motorcycles. His parents might have wanted him to aspire to more lofty pursuits, but he was much more at home in and on the bikes and hot rods of the day.

After a stint as an Army Ranger (Green Beret), he put these interests to work at the original Bob Schultz Imported Motorcycle dealership on Locust Street in St. Louis while he worked his way through St. Louis University. This started a long relationship of mutual respect and admiration with Bob that continues today.

Dave’s involvement in every aspect of motorcycling is legendary and chronicled in enough other articles, awards, trophies, medals, business accomplishments, movie roles, etc., that we need not detail it here. Come to the Museum and learn more.

His life story is interesting, motivational, unusual and rumor has it that a book about it might be coming out. Just a rumor!


Humble beginnings!

Dave Mungenast, Sr. remembers that his sizable business enterprise all started when he worked his way through college as a motorcycle mechanic.

Saying thanks! The museum is also his way of saying thank you to the people of St. Louis and surrounding area, for over 40 years of support and loyalty.