Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles Museum
5625 & 5626 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63116
(314) 481-1291

The Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles Museum is a permanent, two-building display with over 6,000 square feet dedicated to celebrating the memory of Dave Mungenast, Sr. and his family’s passion for everything on wheels. Founded with Dave Sr.’s donation of his collection of vehicles, our expanded facilities now include the next generation of Mungenasts’ favorite bikes and automobiles, including many rare items. The museum has retained much of its “retro” look adding to the nostalgic feel of the era. Over 200 automobiles and motorcycles from a wide variety of manufacturers are on display, many beautifully restored to their original condition. The family’s collection has something to pique the interest of every enthusiast, young or old.The museum is a gift from Dave and Barbara Mungenast and the Mungenast Automotive Family to the community that has supported our growing family of businesses since 1965.

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